After started riding in 2005 on a 2005 YZ250F, I Raced at LACR in the 125-beginner class which soon turned into the 250 class. About a year and a half of riding and racing, I soon moved up to a 2006 RMZ450 and quickly excelled and moved up to the novice class. In 2009, while racing with the Vet-X Racing series, now known as, Swap Moto Racing Series, I won a 2009 YZ450F and moved into the Intermediate class. Around December of 2010, my bike blew up and due to my finances, I was unable to afford repair it at the time. I was then out of racing until December of 2011 when I was able to afford to buy a new 2011 YZ450F. I immediately fell in love with it and was back to racing. After owning a few more bikes, in November of 2016, after tearing it at some point, I had ACL surgery and would be out for 6 months to a year from racing. In November of 2017 I got married and got back to racing again. Since getting married I have been continuing racing in the Vet classes and every time I’m out on the track, I still get the same trill from when I start racing back at the very beginning.

Bikes Owned and Raced

  • 2005 YZ250F
  • 2006 RMZ450
  • 2011 YZ450F
  • 2014 YZ450F
  • 2016 YZ450F

Current Bikes

  • 2008 YZ250F
  • 2020 YZ450F


  • Zeal Racing
  • Mobius Technologies LLC
  • Suomy Helmets
  • Acerbis USA
  • motool
  • Fasthouse
  • Dunlop Motorcycle Tires
  • EKS Brand
  • ODI Grips
  • Factory Effex
  • GoPro
  • Sunstar Engineering Americas
  • OGIO

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